The Essenza di Puglia farm has its history linked to the historic Masseria Pietrasanta which dates back to the 1600s owned by the family since the end of the 19th century. We are 160 m above sea level, 5km from the Adriatic Sea, at the foot of the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve protected by the Wold Wildlife Fund (WWF).  The estate includes ultra-old olive trees that reach 600 years and a renewed vineyard mainly of Primitivo.

In the past, wine and oil were produced above all at an artisanal and family level, recently we created the Essenza di Puglia brand for marketing with attention not only to packaging but also to the constant search for quality improvement at the expense of quantity and respecting tradition and attention to new production technologies.

The company has always been conducted with great attention to the environmental balance and in organic farming that stems from a deep conviction in preserving biodiversity, respecting the wild plants typical of this region, such as myrtle, wild pear, thyme and scrub Mediterranean. By weeding only mechanically or manually.

Production philosophy

Essenza di Puglia